Monthly Talk Series: Real-Time and Interactive Graphics


Why is Psyop hosting this series?
We work in front of our computers. A lot. We wanted to meet new people and learn some new things. So it seemed like hosting a series with free pizza and beer was a good idea.

So this is a free event?
Yep, but space is very limited. Please RSVP now if you're interested in attending.

Can I bring a friend?
Sure, but please make sure they RSVP, too.

How technical are the talks?
Pretty technical. If you don't code, you'll probably get lost quickly.

Do I need to bring anything?
Just bring your brain and your belly.

I want to do a talk. Can I?
Write to Justin Cone at, and let's chat about it.

Your schedule so far only scratches the surface of real-time graphics and computing.
No kidding. We'll add to the schedule over time. We're just getting started.