Monthly Talk Series: Real-Time and Interactive Graphics


Informal but informative. Each talk is focused on practical stuff, using real projects as examples. All talks assume a basic understanding of coding and interactive design.

Next up: RGB+D and DepthKit


A free and open source software, the DepthKit augments high definition video with scan data from a depth sensor, such as an Xbox Kinect, to create glitchy 3D live action scenes.

The DepthKit creators will demonstrate the toolkit and discuss the what’s next as it continues development through Specular Projects, a newly founded studio between partners Alexander Porter, James George, and Meiling Wong. More...


  • 1 hour talk (with pizza and beer) @ 7:30pm
  • 1-2 hours of hanging out, including foosball and/or table tennis (weather permitting)


Date Topic Speaker
Wed 10/22/2014 RGB+D & DepthKit DepthKit Creators
Wed 9/17/2014 Not Knowing Things Jodi Terwilliger
Wed 4/16/2014 Intro to HLSL Brian Kehrer
Wed 2/5/2014 Processing David Lobser
Wed 9/25/2013 TouchDesigner Michelle Higa
Wed 8/23/2013 3D in the Browser Will Adams
Wed 7/31/2013 Unity Brian Kehrer