Monthly Talk Series: Real-Time and Interactive Graphics


Wed, October 22nd @ 7:30pm



There may soon be a technology where live action data captured in 3-dimensions and visualized through algorithms will render the distinction between video and computer generated imagery obsolete. The DepthKit suggests the very beginnings of this possibility.

A free and open source software, the DepthKit augments high definition video with scan data from a depth sensor, such as an Xbox Kinect, to create glitchy 3D live action scenes. While the DepthKit prefers to be considered a science fiction, it has enabled a community of users to imagine the possibilities as they create artistic experiments, visual effects, commercials, music videos, interactive, and virtual reality experiences.

The DepthKit creators will demonstrate the toolkit and discuss the what’s next as it continues development through Specular Projects, a newly founded studio between partners Alexander Porter, James George, and Meiling Wong.

Specular Projects is a research lab applying design to emerging technology, investigating augmented photography, virtual reality, and algorithmic techniques.

James George is an artist applying computational photography towards portraiture and storytelling. Through installations and films he addresses the emotional response to science fiction technologies as they become reality. By sharing his code and processes openly, he enables others to express themselves using the techniques he develops.

Alexander Porter is an experimental photographer exploring visual documentation. Alexander's work has taken him from Greece as an archeological photographer investigating the minute surfaces of artifacts, to South Korea as a documentary DP investigating the role of video games in the lives of one of the most wired societies on earth.

Mei-Ling Wong is a broadly experienced, multi disciplinary producer. With over a decade of experience working in advertising agencies and production companies in both the US and Australasia; Mei-Ling has extensive experience producing projects that utilize a range of mediums including film, visual effects, motion graphics, live performance and experiential installations.


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