Monthly Talk Series: Real-Time and Interactive Graphics

Not Knowing Things

Wed, Sept 17th @ 7:30pm



Obsessed with the unknown and unproven, Jodi Terwilliger (HUSH) will discuss the idea of being comfortable with being uncomfortable, with “not knowing," and how the Scientific Method plays a crucial role in HUSH's design process. JodiT-sm

This "not knowing" helps keep designers fresh, excited and idealistic - especially in the context of interactive technology and its marriage with architecture and interface. He'll talk about both personal and client-driven work, and how Richard Feynman has become an even bigger influence in their design methodology than even the great Wim Crouwel.

About Jodi

Jodi Terwilliger is the Creative Director of HUSH, a design agency in Brooklyn, NY. For his commercial work, Jodi has won numerous awards from FWAs to the One Show, and has been published in global media outlets both online and in print.

As a conceptual artist and extreme minimalist, his work has been included in galleries from the MoMA to the Tate Modern (UK). Jodi is dedicated to an experimental process across all types of design, from graphic and digital, to experiential and architectural - for which HUSH has become well known.



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