Monthly Talk Series: Real-Time and Interactive Graphics


Wed, February 5th 2014 @ 7:30pm

david Let's face it — most 'code art' isn't very good.

As a new medium of artistic expression, code is used to make films and games. It starts with simple points, then lines, then faces which link together to make complex three dimensional forms with distinct behaviors.

Code is about relationships, code is about complexity, and according to Director and Designer David Lobser, code is about life itself.

David believes that more artists can improve their craft by thinking in code, and he wants you to learn how.


About David

David Lobser has created animation for broadcast, film and interactive media as a production artist, director (for Psyop's Blacklist) and designer. He is presently a student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program where he's been exploring the expressive potential of interactive code for 3D printing and real time animation.

Recent projects include:

  • Turbine: A branching parametric modeling and animation tool.
  • G-Code Painter: A unique way to use the makerbot.
  • {Medusa, Medusa, ...}: A projection installation exploring code and life.
  • Ball Drawer: A game like approach to 3D modeling.